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Adult  Programs

Private Lesson: Our Private tennis lessons provide you with personalized instruction and guidance by one of our qualified Tennis Professionals to help you improve your skills and reach your Tennis goals.

30 Mins (Staff) - $70
30 Mins (H
.Pro) - $75
60 Mins (Sta
ff) - $130
60 Mins (H.Pro)
 - $140

Package Of 10 (Staff) - $1,235
Package Of 10 (H.Pro) - $1,330

  Semi - Privates
30 Mins (Staff) - $75
30 Mins (H.Pro) - $80
60 Mins (Sta
ff) - $140
60 Mins (H.Pro)
 - $150

Package Of 10 (Staff) - $1,330
Package Of 10 (H.Pro) - $1,475

Semi-Private Lesson: Our Semi-Private tennis lessons offer you the benefit of personalized instruction in a small group setting, allowing for the individualized attention and the opportunity to practice and improve alongside a fellow player/friend.

Adult Zones/Clinics

Beginner Tennis Clinic: Beginner tennis clinics provide a supportive and structured environment for individuals who are new to Tennis, focusing on the fundamentals of the game, building proper technique, and developing basic skills necessary to start playing Tennis confidently

Intermediate Tennis Clinic: Intermediate Tennis clinics are designed for players who have a basic understanding of the game and want to improve their skills through more advanced drills, strategy discussions, and match play opportunities.

Zone Class
1.5 Hrs - $50
Package Of 10 - $450

 Adult clinics
1.5 Hrs - $55
Package Of 10 - $500

Zone: Our Zone program offers the serious Tennis player a chance to combine technique and specific drills especially designed for doubles play. This program includes one hour of drills with a half hour of live ball play focusing on the tactic of the day.

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73 Desibio Place Inwood, NY 11096

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